Styles of music. Folk music and modern classics. Good day, our favorite blog readers Mus-Text. Today we will take a tour of the styles of music of our world artists. This article is fairly long, so it will be divided into several parts. Let us begin.

Folk music.

As you know folk music is a creation of the people, beloved folklore. Traditionally, folk music and Russian folk music . takes its roots from the traditional customs of his people. Cannot be called the founder of this style of music . because the center of the birth of this genre is impossible to define precisely. Each country has his own. Russian folk music originated from the Slavic tribes, but still popular to this day. This is one of the major musical branches, as opposed to academic and pop music. Continue reading

Styles of music: Hip-hopHip Hón (eng. hip hop ) — youth subculture that appeared in the mid-1970s among African Americans and Hispanics. It is characterized by its own music (also called hip-hop and rap), their slang, their own hip-hop fashion, dance styles (breakdancing, etc.), graphic art (graffiti) and the cinema. By the beginning of 1990’s hip-hop has become part of youth culture in many countries.

Music hip-hop consists of two main elements: rap (rhythmic recitative clearly marked with rhymes and rhythm . asked the DJ, although there are songs without vocals. In this combination of rap artists call themselves “MCS” eng. MC — Master of Ceremony ). Some MCS transform their texts into these intricate puzzles (eg. the famous rapper said that deliberately seeks to make up these rhymes that no one understood but him, you’re talking about). The task of the one or more DJs includes programming the rhythm on the drum machine, sampling (using fragments of other people’s compositions, especially the bass and synths), manipulation of vinyl records and sometimes “vol” vocal imitation of the rhythm of a drum machine). Continue reading

The Ufa group 3kilo's invented a new musical styleThe other day she had her first concert and presentation of a debut album in the Ufa group 3kilo’s. The guys chose a very unusual musical style – combined rock and rap, added a bit of jazz, chanson, techno and jungle got its unusual sound.

The group 3kilo’s was formed in 2008. Its creators are Kim akatiev (better known in Ufa as MC Kim) and Vitaly Denisov. They both are authors of the texts and music. A little later they were joined by aspiring singer Alina Pleshanova, drummer Timur Between, freelance artist Alexander Shu and DJ and author samples Iskander. Continue reading

describing a system of means of expressionThe musical style is a term of art describing a system of means of expression, K-Paradise is the embodiment of one or another ideological and figurative content. In music this – music and the aesthetic. and musical-historical. category. The concept of style in music, reflecting dialectic. the relationship of content and form, is complex and ambiguous. When unconditional based on the content it relates to form, under a swarm refers to the totality of musical expression. means including elements of music. language, principles of formation, compositional. techniques. The concept of style involves the common stylistic features in music. prod. rooted in socio-historical. conditions in the Outlook and attitude of the artists in their creative. the method, in the General regularities of musical and historical. process. Continue reading

Theionis Eternal banDeath metal – I’ll take your sword and go all wet in a row.

Black Metal is My sword a weapon of darkness, it is darkness, and darkness is our sword

Doom metal – I’ll take your sword and I will cry, because don’t know what to do with it.

Gothic metal – Real swords disappeared in the eighteenth century.

Heavy metal – I’ll take your sword and I will fight for their freedom.

Progressive – *guitarist takes the concentrated 26-minute solo on the sword*

Power metal – My sword is beautiful, sophisticated, elegant. It’s beautiful! Continue reading

historical epoch in the artMusical style, understood as a historical epoch in the art, bearing a certain socio-aesthetic content, occurs as the result of perception, synthesis and creative transformation of many of the principles inherent in the prior development of musical culture or a substantial part of it. The construction of spiritual culture to a new high

th step of development is one of the most important tools that give the right for a new movement in art called era or style.

Awareness by the usage patterns of various modifications of tempo, dynamics, strokes, tone, phrasing is a necessary condition for the necessary interpretation. But all of these elements performing expressiveness are implemented within a certain style, for each piece is not a discrete phenomenon, but an element or a particle intonation stylistic system in the artistic life of a certain era. In this particle, as in the microcosm, reflects not only the stylistic traits of the neighboring time musical events, but also the characteristic features of a particular historical era in General. Continue reading